MOSCOW, April 3 (RAPSI) - The Russian Law Journal (RLJ) has issued a call for papers for its special edition “100 Years of the Russian 1917 Revolution: Soviet Law Origins, Development and Its Continuing Impact in Contemporary Law.”

The Russian Revolution of October 1917, also known as the Great October Socialist Revolution, resulted in “the organization of an original social, economic and political state system and founded a new legal tradition different from all that existed before.” “This tradition had a strong foundation in Marxism and developed after 1917 in legal theory and practice both in Russia and in many countries of the “Socialist bloc” during the 20th century. The national cultures and traditions of these countries influenced Soviet law, creating a number of national traditions of Soviet law with varying legal norms and institutions within the basic principles of this system,” the journal's press release reads.

The Russian Law Journal offers to fill “the gap in contemporary legal theory with a special issue on this topic”.

August 31, 2017 is set as the deadline for papers. All articles should be written in English.

Other details are available on the website

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