VILNIUS, December 10 (RAPSI) - The Prosecutor General’s Office in Lithuania will request additional information from the US on the detention of terrorist suspects and their interrogation abroad, RIA Novosti reports on Wednesday according to Irmantas Mikelionis, Chief Prosecutor of Lithuania's Organized Crime Department.

In August 2009, the ABC television network (US) reported that in 2004-2006, Lithuanian officials provided a building in the suburbs of Vilnius to the CIA for the detention of eight captive members of al-Quaeda. The Sejm Committee on National Security and Defense conducted an investigation and concluded that conditions were created for a secret CIA prison in Lithuania and in 2005 and 2006 CIA helicopters landed in the country bypassing customs. However, the question of whether prisoners were brought into the country remained unsolved – partially due to the lack of US cooperation.

Over 500 of 6,000 pages of the US Senate report on torture by CIA officers were publicized on December 9. The report lists several cases when the CIA used excessive force during the term of George W. Bush, including torture, misinforming  the authorities and the public as well as the unlawful detention of at least 26 people suspected of terrorism. The report describes water torture that imitates drowning, sleep deprivation, forced feeding and other violent interrogation methods.