MOSCOW, November 18 (RAPSI) – Starting November 18, Russia is issuing a ban on import of cattle, meat and meat products from Montenegro, Interfax reported on Tuesday, citing food and agricultural regulator deputy head Sergei Dankvert.

The ban is issued upon the loss of trust in Montenegrin vet control, for issuing forged vet certificates, Dankvert added. In October, Russia curbed import of prepared and processed meats from Montenegro. Dankvert explained that bans were issued as the regulator has doubts that the meat was Montenegrin in origin.

The Russian food authority added that the Montenegrin side failed to provide any origin for the meat to Belarusian authorities as well, which was corroborated by an expert evaluation.

Several Balkan states were suspected of re-exporting banned food items from EU. Earlier warnings and restrictions were implemented against Macedonia, Albania, Ukraine and Moldova.

On August 7, the Russian government introduced a ban on a number of products from countries, who earlier had imposed sanctions on Russia. Blacklisted food imports include meat, fish, dairy, fruit and vegetables from Australia, Canada, Norway, the European Union and the United States.