MOSCOW, March 27 (RAPSI) – Ukrainian law enforcement authorities discussed at an emergency meeting a proposal to ban local nationalist movement Right Sector after its members threatened to storm the parliament, RIA Novosti reported Friday.

Up to 2,000 members of the movement gathered at the Parliament in central Kiev on Thursday demanding that acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov stand trial in the aftermath of the death of Aleksandr Muzychko (alias Sasha Beliy), the movement's coordinator who was killed earlier this week. Protesters were reportedly armed with bats and broke windows.

As a result, Avakov suggested banning Right Sector at the meeting. Andrey Parubiy, head of Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council, spoke out in support of banning the movement. However, the final decision is pending. The issue is expected to be further discussed on Friday.

Muzychko was  killed  during a special operation carried out by the Ukrainian law enforcement officers with the aim of neutralizing an armed group in Ukraine's Rivne region. He resisted arrest and was fatally shot, according to First Deputy Interior Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Evdokimov.

Russian investigators filed a request with Interpol to issue a notice for the arrest of Muzychko on March 7. He was suspected of brutally torturing and killing servicemen of Russian federal forces during the Second Chechen War in 2000.