KIEV, February 26 (RAPSI) – Following earlier reports that ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich had been placed on a wanted list Monday, the UNN news agency confirmed the story Wednesday citing acting Prosecutor General Oleg Makhnitsky.

On Monday, special envoy for the Ukrainian Interior Ministry Arsen Avakov said on Facebook Yanukovich has been placed on a wanted list, before the actual hearing in the Pechorsky District Court took place. During the preparation of the official warrant on Tuesday, the Ukrainian parliament voted to bring in the International Criminal Court into the investigation of violence that took place during the riots in Kiev that led to Yanukovich's subsequent ouster.

"A criminal case on mass murder of civilans has been initiated. Yanukovich and a number of other officials have been put on a wanted list," Avakov wrote on Monday.

Makhnitsky said they have a court warrant to find and detain Yanukovich under charges related to the killing of civilians during the mass protests in Kiev. He added that they are also looking for former prosecutor general Viktor Pshonka.

Makhnitsky said Ukraine’s security service is also looking for several other officials who are believed to be responsible for civilian deaths, acts which remain under investigation.

Political unrest erupted in Ukraine in November when Yanukovich’s government indefinitely postponed the signing of free trade and association deals with the European Union to instead focus on strengthening ties with Russia. While the bulk of the unrest was focused on Kiev, protests also broke out in other cities and led in several cases to crowds seizing government offices. More than 80 people were reported killed in the clashes last week, including at least 10 police officers.

Yanukovich reportedly arrived in the Crimea on Sunday, where he dismissed his official security detail and drove off to an unknown location, cutting off all communication.