Moscow, October 2 (RAPSI, Maria Petrova) – Russian business ombudsman Boris Titov estimates that over 3,000 entrepreneurs may be released under an economic crime amnesty that took effect after a decree was passed in early July.

The issue was raised Wednesday in Moscow at a meeting on the achievements and challenges present in the fight to defend the rights of businessmen in Russia.
Titov said that in all, 13,600 people have been convicted for crimes in the economic sphere. Some are eligible for release in accordance with the amnesty, while others are not.

As of September 30 more than 1,000 businessmen have been released, and up to 2,000 may file their applications as well if they agree to return property or pay compensation to the victims. That’s the crucial issue as some of the convicts are unable to meet the terms or refuse to do so, Titov said.

The State Duma on July 2 adopted an economic crimes amnesty initiative, which permitted the release of individuals who had only been convicted and sentenced for economic crimes for the first time, or who were charged under one of 27 articles of the Criminal Code related to business activities. The amnesty applies to crimes committed before July 4 when the directive took effect. It doesn’t apply to those sentenced to non-custodial punishments and probation.