MOSCOW, June 14 (RAPSI) - The British government is urging airlines around the world not to allow former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden to board flights to Britain because "the individual is highly likely to be refused entry to the UK," AP writes.

The Associated Press said it saw a photograph of the government document taken Friday at an airport in Bangkok. A British diplomat confirmed that the alert was genuine and was sent out on June 10.

The Guardian wrote last week that it had a secret court order requiring US telecom company Verizon to provide data from millions of customers to the US authorities for three months. The Washington Post reported about an Internet scouring program code-named PRISM, which allowed the NSA and the FBI to tap into nine US Internet companies and to gather all information from users, including videos, emails, searches and pictures.

Snowden, who is believed to be in Hong Kong, said he was involved in the transfer of top-secret documents about US National Security Agency surveillance programs to the media. He said his "sole motive is to inform the public as to that which is done in their name and that which is done against them." He said he wants justice and can no longer listen to politicians' lies.

No warrants for his arrest have been issued.