MOSCOW, April 10 - RAPSI. Allowing a judge to serve two or more consecutive terms as head or deputy head of the Council of Judges would help ensure a consistent approach to forming judicial bodies, the government has said in an official document posted on its legal website.

The same privilege is proposed to be given to the head and deputy head of the Supreme Qualification Board of Judges.

Currently, Article 11 of the federal law on judicial bodies in Russia does not allow qualification board members to be elected to head the board for more than two terms.  A bill has been submitted for the government's approval which proposes changing this restriction.

"It is also necessary to change the procedure for electing the head and deputy head of the Council of Judges, which is stated in Paragraph 3 of Article 8 of the same law," the government said in the statement on its website.

"This should be duly taken into account when further developing the bill ," the government said.