MOSCOW, September 14 - RAPSI. Gennady Gudkov, who was stripped of his parliamentary seat on Friday, has stated that he will appeal the decision in the Supreme Court.

The State Duma stripped Gudkov of his political power after the investigative authorities accused him of engaging in commercial activities, which is a violation of the law on deputy status. Gudkov said he is determined to implement through his colleagues all of the unfinished legislative initiatives that he proposed in the State Duma.

He added that his address to the Supreme Court will be made next Monday. Gudkov said he will not leave the country, and he is not scared of a possible criminal case against him.

On Monday, the State Duma Commission for Control over the Credibility of State Deputies' Incomes and Expenses confirmed that Gudkov is engaged in business activities.
After looking into the material provided by the Investigative Committee, the commission concluded that there is sufficient information regarding Gudkov's breach of State Duma deputy legislation and grounds to strip him of his authority.

Previously, Alexander Shchukin, the head of the Investigative Committee's Investigative Department, said Gudkov was involved in managing a construction company in Bulgaria.

In June, it was revealed that investigators were carrying out an inspection upon the application of Bulgarian citizen Ivaylo Zartov on Gudkov's purported investments in a Bulgarian firm and his alleged tax evasion in Russia. Gudkov said Zartov had previous convictions in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria and was just trying to settle accounts with him.

Additionally, the Interior Ministry looked into the security businesses owned by the Gudkov family and found that a number of violations have been committed there as well.

Gudkov believes the investigations are connected with his status in the political opposition.

As most seats are held by United Russia party members, Gudkov sent letters to 50 United Russia deputies, asking them to vote against stripping him of his mandate.