MOSCOW, December 27 - RAPSI. The All-Russian non-governmental organization the Russian Authors' Society (RAO) has decided to increase the authors fee for performance of their music on radio to 2%-3% by 2015, RAO told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/

Meanwhile, composers will be granted fees for performance of their music both on the radio and in advertisements and lotteries.

RAO said it had recalculated the author's fees together with the Russian Organization for Intellectual Property" (VOIS) and the Russian Radio Academy on December 14.
Experts say the radio advertising market is recovering from the economic crisis and will soon be restored to pre-crisis levels.

"In this regard, RAO and VOIS propose increasing the music performance royalties up to the "pre-crisis" level from 2015. The organizations agreed that they will gradually increase royalties, starting from the third quarter of 2012 and bringing it to the 2% and 3% level by 2015".

The authors will now also receive an income from advertisements, lotteries and radio competitions that use their musical compositions.