MOSCOW, July 14 (RAPSI) — President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a bill prohibiting those who have a foreign agent status from conducting any sort of educational activities aimed at minors and producing any information products for that target group into law, according to the official website of legal information.

The new law also clarifies the definition of «foreign agent», «foreign influence», «political activity», «foreign source». The last is understood to include foreign states, public authorities of a foreign state, international organizations, foreign citizens, foreign entities without establishing a legal entity.  

At the same time, under the law, «political activities» don’t include activities in the field of science, culture, art, healthcare, protection of traditional family values, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, sports, nature protection, and charity.

The new law provides a unified list of foreign agents and a list of people affiliated with foreign agents.

The provisions are to make the activities of those who are engaged in politics in Russia in the interests of foreign states transparent and in line with the Russian law, according to Chairman of the lower house of parliament’s Committee on Security and Corruption Control Vasily Piskarev.