MOSCOW, July 28 (RAPSI) — The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has banned foreign citizens, who had been brought to administrative responsibility for participating in mass fights, from entering the territory of the Russian Federation,  the press service of the body informs.

Recently, cases of conflicts with the participation of foreign citizens have become more frequent, while some of such incidents were massive and public. With regard to foreign citizens, courts issued decisions on bringing them to administrative responsibility including administrative arrests for a period of 15 days. Taking into account the danger to the public the committed acts bear, decisions were made not to allow these foreign citizens to enter Russia. If they do not leave the territory of the Russian Federation on their own, measures will be taken to deport them, the Ministry of Internal Affairs stressed.

According to the ministry, the illegal activities of migrants were accompanied by violent actions that endangered lives and safety of citizens, as well as the use of force against government officials, obstructing the normal activities of state authorities and the movement of transport.