MOSCOW, July 5 (RAPSI) — The Russian Government has submitted to the State Duma a bill on the indexation of funds awarded by courts in civil cases, according to the official database of the lower house of the Russian Parliament. 

Since the indexation of the sums of money awarded by courts acts as a mechanism that makes it possible to fully compensate the losses of claimants because of prolonged non-execution of court decisions, the draft law proposes to calculate indexation starting from the date of the respective court decision (in the cases where the court decision provides for the payment of the awarded sum of money in some next period, the indexation is to start from the moment, when such a payment should have been made) by the day such a decision is executed, the explanatory note to the document reads.

Indexation is aimed at maintaining the purchasing power of the amount awarded by the court, it is not a measure of civil or other liability and is applied regardless of the fault of the person obliged to pay compensation for delaying the respective payment, follows from the text of the bill. 

Earlier, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation has ordered to amend the current legal regulations to the effect that courts could index the awarded sums of money on the basis of claims of claimants or debtors and thereby actually restore their right to the correct and timely execution of court decisions.