MOSCOW, July 2 (RAPSI) — Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law prohibiting to acquire, carry and use weapons for persons who have not passed a medical examination, according to the official Internet portal of legal information. 

The examination that only government and municipal medical organizations are to carry out is to include psychological testing and tests for the presence of drugs, psychotropic substances and metabolites thereof in the bodies of those seeking to posses firearms.

The document also establishes the grounds for denying a person the right to store and carry weapons based on the results of such a medical examination. This system is to be formed on the digital basis in order to eliminate any falsification of the respective medical certificates.

At the same time, with respect to persons who are found to be unfit to posses weapons a direct responsibility is introduced to immediately given to turn in the weapons such persons had. The period for repeated extraordinary re-examination is to be expanded from one month, as was proposed earlier, to two months.