MOSCOW, May 25 (RAPSI) — The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation still backs the initiative to establish state judicial service in the country, the body’s Chairman Vyacheslav Lebedev said on Tuesday. 

The Supreme Court Chairman expressed his support of the initiative addressing a plenary session of the Council of Judges of the Russian Federation, stressing that the respective bill was still relevant despite the reluctance on the part of the government. 

The adoption of this bill, according to Lebedev, will create a full-fledged professional environment for the judiciary, which will be attractive to qualified young professionals.

The decision to submit to the State Duma draft law "On the State Judicial Service of the Russian Federation" was adopted on November 15, 2016, by a Plenum of the Supreme Court. The main part of the document is devoted to the rules of admission to and career in the judicial service.

To improve the status of employees of the court apparatus, the Supreme Court proposed to separate the judicial service into an independent type of public service, including establishing special requirements, prohibitions, and guarantees. In addition, the bill introduces special class ranks of the judicial service and retains justiciary class ranks for employees who fill positions, the qualification requirement for which is legal education.