MOSCOW, May 17 (RAPSI) — All Russian children's camps will have system for transmitting alarm messages to emergency services; buildings and territories will be inspected at least four times a day, according to new anti-terrorist requirements for places for organizing recreation and recuperation of children. 

On Thursday, at a meeting with the president, the events that took place in Kazan last week were discussed in detail. Children and adults were killed, many were injured. It is now important to provide them with the necessary treatment and to take measures to prevent such cases in the future, hence new requirements for the anti-terrorist security of children's camps and recreation centers, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said at a meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers.

According to the new requirements, all camps will be divided into four categories depending on the number of campers per shift, as well as on the level of security in the region. A set of measures has been developed for each of these categories; the respective classification is to be defined by commissions composed of representatives of a wide range of authorities, security and emergency bodies.

The Cabinet of Ministers explained that the new requirements do not apply to the camps that are already guarded by the troops of the National Guard (for example, "Artek"), as well as to the camps organized by schools during the holidays. In addition, tourist rallies, sporting events and camps operating up to seven days do not fall under these requirements. The safety of children in such cases will be regulated by other rules.

Mishustin also said that, as instructed by the head of state, the government will develop requirements for ensuring safety in all schools in the country, regardless of their locations.