MOSCOW, May 12 (RAPSI) — The State Duma Committee on Security and Corruption Control  has recommended the lower house of Russia’s parliament to adopt in the first reading a bill establishing additional grounds for refusing to issue licenses to acquire weapons, according to the official database of the body. 

In accordance with the document, it is to be prohibited to issue licenses for the acquisition of weapons to persons with two or more convictions for committing crimes, as well as to citizens subjected to administrative punishment for driving while intoxicated. The ban also applies to drivers who refused to meet the requirements for medical examination for intoxication. 

Moreover, the bill establishes a ban on the storage of decommissioned weapons without notifying the National Guard or its relevant territorial body. 

The draft federal law was submitted to the State Duma in December last year by deputies Vladimir Piskarev, Ernest Valeyev and Nikolai Ryzhak.

The authors of the initiative believe that the adoption of the bill will help to reduce the number of crimes and offenses in the sphere of arms trafficking, crimes and offenses committed with the use of weapons, including those that entail death or grievous bodily harm to victims.