MOSCOW, November 11 (RAPSI) – It is necessary to develop the Russian legislation by imposing liability for online censorship practiced by Western internet platforms, First Deputy Chair of Russia’s Civic Chamber Commission on Development of the Information Community Alexander Malkevich believes.

Earlier, Twitter blocked the account of the Committee for the Defense of Public Interests because of its publications on investigations into Western financing of foreign agents in Russia, according to Malkevich.

The civic activist is of the opinion that heavier fines are not an answer and in order to fight online censorship it is necessary to introduce a relevant complex mechanism in the Russian legislation: Western platforms with more than a million Russian users are to be made to establish their representative offices headed by Russian nationals in the territory of the Russian Federation; the offices are to pay taxes, comply with Russian laws, and be fined if failing to comply.

Social media, Malkevich says, hold in contempt the freedom of speech across the globe, and put themselves above national states and governments, as exemplified, for instance, by the censorship of the U.S. President.