MOSCOW, October 16 (RAPSI) – More than 150 legislative acts are to be changed in the course of implementation of the amendments made to the Russian Constitution, Co-Chair of the Group for Monitoring the Implementation of Constitutional Changes Pavel Krasheninnikov informs on Friday.

Originally, Krasheninnikov said at a meeting of the group he co-chairs, there were plans to amend about 100 laws; now the figure makes 150, but it seems many more legislative acts are to be changed.

The lawmaker informed that the State Duma, the lower house of Russia’s parliament, is planning to discuss in the second reading bills on the Government and the Constitutional Court next Tuesday, alongside a large number of bills to be discussed in the first reading.

The All-Russian vote on the Constitution took place on June 25 through July 1. According to the vote results protocol, 77.92% of Russians voted for the amendments.