MOSCOW, October 6 (RAPSI) – Russia’s Human Rights Council is to present to President Vladimir Putin a report on measures needed to regulate the market of disinfectants, and to engage in the development of a respective law, Chair of the body Valery Fadeyev informs on Tuesday.

According to the Council, not less than 25% of the total assortment of disinfectants tradable in Russia are not efficient enough or fail to comply with sanitary requirements.

The nation needs a law on trade in disinfectants defining a procurement procedure putting efficiency over price, Fadeyev said addressing a meeting of the Council’s Working Group on Public Oversight over Sanitary and Epidemiological Measures.

The Chair of the Council believes a study of disinfectants needs to be performed in order to find out how the substances affect the environment and human health and how negative effects are to be mitigated.

A resolution on the matter is to be ready soon, Fadeyev stated, which will be sent to the Working Group members; further steps are to be developed after that with participation of legal professional, and in November the final report on the use of disinfectants, respective problems and solutions is to be presented to the President.

Earlier, the Council has initiated the establishment of the Working Group on Public Oversight over Sanitary and Epidemiological Measures because of the public concern with safety and efficiency of disinfectants, which have been commonly used amid the pandemic.