MOSCOW, August 13 (RAPSI) – Director of the Coordination Center for Economic Revival of the All-Russia People’s Front (ARPF), Head of Profstazhirovka 2.0 project Ilya Semin has presented his proposal to lower the property tax on families having three and more underage children.

Civic activists from the All-Russia People’s Front remind that currently large families are eligible for property tax allowances based on the deduction of the cadaster value of 5 or 7 square meters of living space in, respectively, flats or single-family houses, multiplied by the number of children, from the property tax base; Semin proposes to increase these figures up to 18 square meters of living space per child.

Semin believes the measure, which, he says, is an element of a package of tax moves developed by the All-Russia People’s Front, will facilitate support of families with many children as it answers the aims set in the framework of national demographics project as to human welfare.

The activist noted that the All-Russia People’s Front had already submitted to the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Economic Development a proposal to exempt those selling low-priced real estate in 2020 from income tax.

The initiative was backed by First Deputy Chair of the Civic Chamber’s Commission for Examination of Legislative Initiatives Artem Kiryanov, who stressed the urgency of the measure citing loss of jobs and tight living conditions of many large families.