MOSCOW, July 9 (RAPSI) – A bill stipulating criminal punishment for inducing to drug use through the Internet has  been brought before the State Duma, according to a statement of the lower house of parliament.

Amendments are to be introduced into the Criminal Code. Currently, there is no criminal responsibility for online inducement to the drug use.

Moreover, the bill toughens punishment for inclination to the use of drugs resulted in the death of two or more people.  This crime will be punished with prison terms ranging from 12 to 15 years.

The initiative has been drafted as directed by President of Russia Vladimir Putin, according to the document’s authors. Its adoption will help clean the Internet from websites and social media pages selling drugs and sentence organizers and members of such destructive communities inducing minors and youth to using drugs to long jail terms, one of the bill’s sponsors Vasily Piskarev believes.