MOSCOW, June 17 (RAPSI) – Russia’s government has submitted to the State Duma amendments empowering the Justice Ministry to approve the procedures governing the management of the list of civic and religious associations, as well as other organizations, with respect to which courts ruled on their liquidation of termination of their activities.

The document has been published on the database of the lower house of Russia’s Parliament.

The changes are to be introduced in a federal law on combating extremist activities.

It is envisaged that the Justice Ministry is also to approve the procedures governing the management of the list of organizations, the activities of which have been suspended in relation to the fact that they were engaged in extremist activities.

In order to streamline the Justice Ministry powers pertaining to the lists, it is proposed that there were fixed the responsibilities of officials and authorities to submit to the Ministry copies of their decisions as to suspension of activities of such associations, upholding of complaints against suspension of activities of such associations, as well as copies of final court judgements concerning petitions for liquidation of the said associations or bans on the activities thereof.

The necessity of legal regulation of this sphere, as it is noted in the explanatory note to the bill, is dictated by the existence of current problems relating to the publication of information on the said organizations, the longer periods of time required to put the said organizations on the list (in certain cases up to 2 years), the necessity of interdepartmental solution of this issue.