MOSCOW, June 16 (RAPSI) – It is needed that prosecutors most thoroughly oversee the course of voting on the amendments to the Constitution to exclude situations where employers could force their employees to cast their votes via electronic means, Russia’s Rights Commissioner Tatiana Moskalkova has said addressing a meeting of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building.

The Federal Ombudsman praised the meaningful cooperation between Rights Commissioners and prosecutors noting joint inspections resulted in 400 remedial action orders and over 600 requests made on the basis of petitions submitted by the Commissioners.

Moskalkova has also brought to the attention of the audience a number of important issues relating to the period following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic citing citizens’ complaints submitted to her office over difficulties encountered when registering as unemployed and allegedly unjustified administrative punishments for driving without respective permits.

Besides, the Ombudsman stressed the importance of the monitoring of observance of citizens’ voting rights as concerned Constitutional amendments and called prosecutors duly oversee the process as about thirty employees complained that their employers force them to use electronic means to cast their votes.

Russia’s Rights Commissioner also paid attention to the situations where complainers were refused initiation of criminal cases on their petitions noting that the respective figures were almost twice above this indicator registered in the same period of the preceding year. Moskalkova believes a systemic change with respect to the stage of initiation of criminal cases is required to improve guarantees that the rights of those informing of crimes, in fact the potential victims of those crimes, be better observed.