MOSCOW, June 8 (RAPSI) – President Vladimir Putin has signed a bill protecting the rights of individuals and companies put under anti-Russian sanctions imposed by foreign states into law, according to the document published on the official website of legal information.

Amendments to the Administrative Procedure Code of the Russian Federation have been initiated by MPs representin the United Russia, LDPR and Just Russia parties, according to the State Duma statement.

The law sets exclusive jurisdiction of Russian commercial courts in cases involving parties under sanctions and in disputes between a Russian and a foreign parties if restrictive measures against Russians are a ground for the disputes.

Moreover, those under sanctions would receive a right to apply to commercial courts in places of their living or location if their disputes with foreign parties pending in courts abroad on the same grounds.

Also, the law gives sanctioned persons or companies a right to turn to Russian commercial courts with applications to ban proceedings in foreign courts.

Russian commercial courts, under the law, upon a demand of an applicant may award him or her the sum of money to be recovered from a foreign parties involving in the dispute abroad in case of their failure to enforce a judicial act.