MOSCOW, March 19 (RAPSI) – Lawmakers from the United Russia political party plan to draft abill to fix criminal responsibility for creating a threat of mass infection or poisoning of citizens, a statement published on the State Duma website reads.

According to the lawmakers, there are situtations of abslolute thoughtlessness of adult people. Several cases of intentional escape from coronavirus quarantine have been already fixed. People have violated the rules and left hospitals voluntary, the first deputy chair of the fraction Andrey Isayev states.

Currently, legislation stipulates punishment for breaching sanitation-and-epidemiological provisions resulting in the mass infection or intoxication of citizens. However, according to the MP, it is hard to establish the fact of “resulting in” in the situation concerning coronavirus.

Thus the MPs want to fix in the legislation criminal liability for evolution of real threat of mass infection or poisoning, creation of objective conditions for this.

The bill will envisage such penalties as severe fines, community service and ban on holding leading posts for a certain period, Isayev notes.

Amendments are expected to be proposed to the Criminal Code of Russia.