MOSCOW, November 28 (RAPSI) – Russian government has filed amendments to a bill on increased administrative liability for violations in the sphere of environmental protection, the government’s statement reads.

According to the bill, the Code on Administrative Violations will also include harsher penalties for violating laws on ecological expertise and failing to abide by sanitary and epidemiological rules for handling production and consumption waste, including animal waste. Amendments introduce new articles on handling of potentially dangerous chemical substances, radioactive ones, other substances and microorganisms as well as certain aspects of handling animal waste.

Also, the bill envisages differentiation of administrative violations in this area as currently the Code imposes administrative liability for violations concerning waste and substances destructive to ozone layer of Earth without differentiating said violations.

The amendments impose liability for violations of rules on the collection, accumulation, transportation, treatment, disposal of production and consumption waste. Analysis shows that that currently same fines are stipulated for various kinds of actions without taking into account the circumstances. Also, the administrative liability is to be imposed for not providing documentation necessary for officials.