MOSCOW, June 26 (RAPSI) – A bill on tougher administrative penalties for false calls to emergency services has reached the State Duma, the database for the lower house of parliament reads.

The document was prepared by the Moscow Regional Duma.

According to the bill, false calls to firefighters, police, ambulance and other specialized services may result in fine of up to 3,000 ($47.6) rubles or compulsory community service for up to 100 hours. Repeated offense may result in a 5,000-ruble ($79.4) fine and 200 hours of community service.

Authors of the bill note that each day operators of the emergency services receive over 22,000 calls with 4% of those being false. Currently a false call may only result in a 1,500-ruble ($23.8) fine while the costs for responding to these calls are considerable.