MOSCOW, November 1 (RAPSI, Nikita Shiryayev) - Russia’s High Commissioner for Human Rights Tatiana Moskalkova has endorsed a bill introducing the term “misdemeanor” to criminal legislation, RAPSI reports from the International Exhibition-Forum “50 plus: All advantages of middle age”.

The adoption of this bill would create conditions for social rehabilitation of people committed criminal misdemeanor, Moskalkova said. Conviction restricting person’s possibilities including job placement would not apply to these people, she added.

However, Moskalkova believes that all non-serious crimes must be recognized as misdemeanor, but not only those which are not punishable by imprisonment, as laid down by the bill.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court’s Plenum approved the bill on criminal misdemeanor. According to the bill, a criminal offense of low gravity, which can’t result in prison term, is to be considered as a criminal misdemeanor.

The chairman of the court’s board on criminal cases Vladimir Davydov said that introduction of this term would affect 80 crimes listed in the Criminal Code. Data accumulated by the court shows that in 2016 over 40,000 people were found guilty of crimes that may be recognized as criminal misdemeanors.