MOSCOW, August 10 (RAPSI) – The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection has drafted procedure for maintenance of the corrupt officials’ registry, according to the information on the ministry’s website.

The document has been published on the official website of legal information for public discussion.

In July, President Vladimir Putin signed a law establishing nationwide list of officials and employees of law enforcement agencies, who had been fired because of loss of trust over corruption allegations.

The Registry lists government officials, employees of prosecution, investigation and customs service authorities as well as military servicemen, civil and municipal officials. In addition, the registry is to list employees of the Central Bank, the Pension Fund, the Social Insurance Fund and the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund. Employers must list employees in the registry in accordance with Russian Labor Code.

According to the rules drafted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, information about officials fired for corruption including surname, name, place of work, and the date of inclusion in the list, will be publicly available within 2 years after adding to the registry.

Berween 2012 and 2015, about 1,200 officials were fired from government services for failing to meet demands on prevention of conflict of interest and counteracting corruption. The registry is supposed to help government services to receive information on how potential employees follow demands of legislation on ethical standards and counteracting corruption.