MOSCOW, April 4 (RAPSI) – Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law introducing amendments to anti-corruption legislation, the official website of legal information reads on Tuesday.

The law states that regional governors are obliged to check information provided by municipal officials on their assets and take measures against those who fail to meet provisions of anti-corruption legislation. A governor is to file a request seeking disciplinary action against an official for the alleged violation or his/her removal.

Federal and municipal officials are allowed to be engaged in management of political parties without any restrictions, according to the law. Members of law enforcement agencies are to be given right to participate without any compensation in organizations promoting sports related to military or law enforcement spheres.

Finally, individuals getting higher education at institutions under supervision of federal organization responsible for security enforcement are to provide their income information. However, this rule does not apply to Russian army’s conscripts or people enrolling into certain higher education organizations in the sphere of law enforcement, according to the legislation.