MOSCOW, December 20 - RAPSI. The State Duma's reaction to the adoption of the Magnitsky Law is "an emotional, but appropriate response", Russian President Vladimir Putin said at an annual press conference in Moscow.

The president added that the law on adoption proposed by the State Duma is a reaction to the actions of the U.S. authorities, rather than those of U.S. foster parents.

On December 6, the U.S. Senate approved the Magnitsky Law, which stipulates visa sanctions for Russian citizens who, according to the Senate, have been involved in human rights violations.

United Russia party members have called the law drawn up in response to the Magnitsky Act the "Dima Yakovlev Law", in memory of a two-year-old boy who died in Virginia after his foster father left him in a locked car in the sun. They have also said that the law commemorates all Russian children who died or suffered as a result of negligence on the part of their U.S. foster parents.

On Wednesday the State Duma approved an amendment prohibiting Americans from adopting Russian children in the second reading.

The bill also includes measures against U.S. citizens who violated the rights of Russians, committed crimes against them, or were involved in any crimes of this kind.

The document also envisages the drafting of a list of U.S. citizens who will be prohibited from entering Russia, and the activity of any legal entities controlled by them in the country will be suspended.

"As for the law, I have not seen it yet. I will try and look at it today or tomorrow and make a decision depending on how it is written," Putin said, in answer to whether he will sign the document or not, adding, "but, in general, I have been clear in expressing my attitude to this".

He said that the formulations of the law need to be carefully verified and analyzed so as to check that it does not contradict any set agreements. There was an agreement made with the Department of State and that needs to be checked as well. "This is no trifling matter," the president said.