MOSCOW, August 2 - RAPSI. The State Duma may adopt legislative amendments increasing the liability for selling alcoholic beverages to underaged individuals in November or December, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich told journalists on Thursday.

"The fines will be effective after the adoption of the draft law that was approved by the government today," he said. "I am referring to amendments to the relevant codes. If the adoption procedure in the Duma goes well, then (the fines will come into effect) no later than November or December."

He added that the amendments will introduce parental liability for drinking among children. The offense will be punishable by a 20,000 ruble ($620) fine.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev demanded to toughen liability for selling alcohol to minors and for making counterfeit alcoholic beverages by raising fines many times over. Administrative fines are also expected to become higher for breaking alcohol sales and consumption regulations and for minors appearing in public intoxicated.