MOSCOW, July 26 - RAPSI. Members of United Russia are planning to submit a draft law to the State Duma which will obligate officials, MPs and governors to report on the opening of foreign bank accounts and the acquisition of real property and stock abroad, United Russia's member and State Duma Vice Speaker Sergey Zheleznyak told journalists on Thursday.

"The draft law will introduce criminal responsibility for concealing this kind of information," he said.

He said that officials and MPS have been declaring their income and property for several years now; the State Duma already received a bill which provides for monitoring of how their expenses correspond with their declared income.

"The draft law will allow for a stricter and more transparent order regarding individuals working for the government, their acquisition of property and assets abroad and holding funds in foreign banks," the deputy said.

He said that people should be aware of this and impartially assess the reasons for the activity of legislators and officials, who prefer to keep their capital abroad.