MOSCOW, July 16 - RAPSI. United Russia MPs intend to enter media financed from abroad into the "foreign agents" register, Izvestia newspaper reported on Monday.

According to United Russia deputies Vladimir Burmatov and Ilya Kostunov, a number of media services working in Russia, may be categorized as foreign agents in the fall.

A range of amendments will be introduced to the law on the media and they will contain a reference to "media acting in the interests of foreign states" which receives finances from abroad.

The media, which are mostly commercial legal entities, are not subject to provisions of the law on nonprofit organizations. Accordingly, as deputies say, they may not be granted the status of "foreign agents." But, lawmakers note that a number of media services are financed from abroad, and interfere with politics, acting as a tool for foreign propaganda.

Deputy Kostunov claims that the State Duma will start its autumn session by discussing the application of the "foreign agent" provision to the media.

The State Duma adopted a law on granting Russian non-profit organizations, financed from abroad and involved in politics, a "foreign agent" status. The "agents" will be obliged to be entered into a special register and different legal regulations will apply to them which will not apply to ordinary nonprofit organizations. These regulations will stipulate specific accountability and checks.

The draft law proposed by a group of United Russia party members has left many NGO's extremely dissatisfied.