MOSCOW, May 24 - RAPSI, Sergei Feklyunin. The third antitrust package proposes mitigating sanctions against those violating antitrust law, Supreme Commercial Court Chairman Anton Ivanov said on Thursday.

Ivanov also noted that the second antitrust package set tough sanctions, including turnover-based fines and dismissing officials. As long as judicial practice has established fines, there is no doubt that antitrust law violators will be held liable for offenses, he said.

The third antitrust package aims to resolve the situation. For example, it eliminates criminal liability for coordinated actions conducted inadvertently. Meanwhile, the law will still prosecute those who deliberately agreed to collude, Ivanov said.

He also said the second antitrust package pursued an overly tough interpretation of coordinated actions.

"There is no other country, perhaps, except the United States, that would take such a tough stance on coordinated actions," he added.