MOSCOW, April 10 - RAPSI. Amendments to the Civil Code will allow intellectual property to be more efficiently protected and will simplify public access to the results of intellectual activity, according to a press release by Pavel Krasheninnikov, State Duma Legislative Committee head.

President Dmitry Medvedev submitted the amendments on basic civil law institutions to the State Duma. They were prepared over several years and are necessary as economic realities have changed dramatically since the code's first section was adopted 15 years ago.

In commenting on the amendments to the fourth part of the Civil Code dealing with intellectual property, Krasheninnikov said that the changes touched upon almost all of its chapters - from general provisions to the chapter on unified technologies, which will become obsolete with the adoption of the law.

The most significant amendments to the fourth part of the Civil Code, according to Krasheninnikov, will be the amendments aimed at regulating the use of intellectual property on the Internet and other information and telecommunication networks. According to him, this is primarily connected with mass violations of intellectual rights in this area.