GORKI, November 25 - RAPSI. President Dmitry Medvedev has urged women not to hesitate to sue employers if they feel they are being discriminated when applying for a job.

"In civilized countries, women defend their rights by themselves in such situations, and it is not shameful, as this is the way it works. I think I'm speaking as a layer now, but we just need to accumulate judicial practice for such cases," Medvedev said at a meeting with the International Women's Forum.

A meeting participant told the president and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin that women who have children and especially single mothers often face discrimination when applying for a job.

"It is hard to find out why employers say no to women. Was the woman denied the position due to a lack of education, or because she has a child, or just because the employer did not like her? It is sometimes hard to get to the true reason, but women should address the court in such cases," he said.

The president also said businessmen will eventually have to acknowledge and ensure women's rights if women show that they are determined to tackle discrimination.

He added that the current law may be amended to defend women's rights more effectively.