MOSCOW, May 5 (RAPSI) - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday signed a law that introduces criminal liability for whitewashing or glorifying Nazism, and spreading false information about the Soviet Union’s role in World War II.

The perpetrators will face a 300,000 ruble fine ($8,328), or three years in prison. If an individual broke this law using his position as an official, the fine goes up to 500,000 rubles ($13,880) and the prison term raises to five years.

A law also introduces fines for desecrating Russian military glory dates or monuments.

The term "rehabilitation of Nazism and glorification of Nazi criminals and their accomplices" is interpreted as "the restoration of the rights, the issuance of state or public awards and the provision of other state and public incentives for Nazi criminals and their accomplices, the public justification of the Nazi ideology and practices, and the public promotion of the Nazi ideology or any other public actions glorifying Nazi criminals."

The idea to prosecute individuals who justify Nazi crimes was revealed in June 2013 by the State Duma lawmakers. Irina Yarovaya, together with a group of supporters from the All-Russia People's Front, reportedly proposed adding an article to the Criminal Code stipulating fines and prison terms for trying to deny or justify Nazi crimes and criminals, or for condemning the anti-Hitler coalition's actions.