MOSCOW, December 10 (RAPSI) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has submitted two amnesty drafts targeting those convicted of having committed non-violent crimes to the State Duma, the Kremlin press office said in a statement.

The amnesty is arranged to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

According to the statement, the amnesty in particular would not apply to individuals who committed intentional crimes and disturbed the peace in prisons along with people who committed crimes which pose serious threats to the public.

On December 4, while meeting with Russian Human Rights Commissioner Vladimir Lukin and the chairman of the Kremlin human rights council Mikhail Fedotov, Putin supported a draft amnesty decree drafted by the Presidential Council for Human Rights.

Putin said earlier that the amnesty would not apply to individuals who committed crimes against representatives of government, primarily law enforcement agents.

“I agree with your suggestion in general. We will refine this document along with the State Duma lawmakers, and I'm asking you to join in a work as actively as you can,” Putin told Fedotov and Lukin.