MOSCOW, August 25 (RAPSI) — Russian President Vladimir Putin has supported a proposal to establish Father's Day in the country.

This initiative was made by participants of the strategic session of the United Russia political party and backed by Russia’s Commissioner for Children's Rights Anna Kuznetsova. The President announced that the idea of establishing of this new holiday in Russia would be discussed during a meeting with representatives of the public on Wednesday.

The proposal to establish Father's Day and celebrate it on the third Sunday of October had been voiced earlier by a member of the All-Russia People’s Front Central Office, Honored Artist of Russia Denis Maidanov. Speaking at the strategic session The People's Program of the United Russia for Families with Children, he stressed that many public organizations support this initiative.

In turn, Kuznetsova confirmed that there is a request in society to establish Father's Day. This, she says, will make up for the lack of attention to the topic of fatherhood. Now the holiday is celebrated at the regional level in 28 constituent entities of the Russian Federation.