MOSCOW, August 10 (RAPSI) — The Russian Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit lodged by businessman and inventor Artashes Ikonomov against Apple over alleged violation of his right to a utility model by a lower court, a RAPSI correspondent reports from the courtroom.

The inventor has been suing the American tech giant for several years over his most famous invention, a SOS mobile phone. Ikonomov is confident that Apple is illegally using his method of calling emergency services, despite the patent he received. In total, the businessman has more than 30 inventions. The corporation insists on the opposite: Apple believes that the applicant's technology is not used in their smartphones; nevertheless, the American company alleges that the patent was issued to Ikonomov in error.

The higher authority on Tuesday agreed with the decisions of lower courts, which had found the arguments of Ikonomov groundless as his allegations were not supported by experts and the Russian patent agency.

Nevertheless, it is to be noted that the American corporation last year tried to invalidate the registration of the inventor's patent in an intellectual property court, but failed. Today's court ruling has leveled the situation: it does not allow the inventor to prove that Apple is illegally using the fruits of his intellectual work.

The invention in the middle of the controversy allows using a mobile phone even without a SIM card to call emergency numbers. Apple says its position is supported by Rospatent, which claims that SOS calls in the world's best-selling smartphone are implemented by software, while Inkomov’s patent was given for a separate device.