MOSCOW, July 26 (RAPSI) — Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov has ordered to strengthen supervision over the legality of actions and procedural decisions in criminal cases, in which citizens filed complaints with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

The order envisages that there is to be organized the analysis of the materials of inspections and criminal cases with the aim of checking the legality of actions and procedural decisions, as well as the completeness and sufficiency of measures prosecutors and preliminary investigation bodies took to restore violated rights of citizens, if those initiated the procedure of examination thereof with ECHR by filing respective complaints. In case violations are detected, prosecutors are to take measures to remedy the breaches. At least once every six months prosecutors are to analyze the nature, causes and contexts of the violations that were the basis for applying to ECHR, and to ensure timely prevention and suppression thereof, the Prosecutor General's order reads.

It follows from the text of the document that prosecutor's offices are obliged to quarterly analyze how investigative authorities comply with relevant laws when receiving, registering and taking actions as to reports of crimes, as well as the reasons and conditions that contribute to violations of laws.

Krasnov urged prosecutors to focus on timely prevention and suppression of violations, as well as causes and contexts, which were the basis for applying to ECHR.

If there is an initiated procedure for considering a complaint by ECHR (at all stages of this procedure, starting from filing a complaint with this judicial body and up to the execution of the ECHR judgment), prosecutors are immediately to put under their control the materials of inspections and criminal cases, according to the document, and take measures within their competence if needed.