MOSCOW, May 19 (RAPSI) — Google LLC has filed a lawsuit against Intra Service Company seeking the early termination of its trademark due to the the failure to use it, according to Russia’s Intellectual Property Court (IP Court). 

The American company seeks termination of "Intra services company" trademark, in which the last two words are unprotected elements, in relation to the services including advertising and business management, as well as scientific and technological services.

In May 2012, the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) registered this trademark as owned by Intra Service Company LLC. However, Google’s subsidiary Jigsaw introduced the Intra app in October 2018. 

The court suspended the application until June 16 due to paperwork irregularities.

As noted by the court, Google failed to attach to its application certain documents, among them those confirming the facts on which the American company bases its claims, and those confirming the payment of the state fee.

Intra Service Company carries out a complex of works on the repair and maintenance of equipment and pipelines at the enterprises of the fuel and energy complex. The company is the only Russian entity that provides a full range of repair services without stopping production of enterprises.