MOSCOW, May 13 (RAPSI) - Bank Yugra has lodged a claim with the Commercial Court of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area seeking to recover over 210 billion rubles (about $3 billion) from 32 legal entities, according to court records.

The hearing date has not been set yet.

In April, the State Agency for Deposit Insurance (DIA) filed a 210 billion-ruble claim against ex-owner of Bank Yugra Alexey Khotin charged with embezzling 23.6 billion rubles ($320 million) and another 27 companies.

In February, investigation into the 23.6 billion-ruble ($310 million) embezzlement case involving Khotin was completed. Indictment was approved against beneficiary owner of the bank Alexey Khotin, bank board hair Dmitry Shilyayev and its President Alexey Nefedov and head of the Moscow headquarters of the credit organization Nina Chernova.

According to investigators, in 2014, Khotin organized a group involving the top managers to steal the bank’s funds. The crime was committed in 2014 through 2017 by the issuance of knowingly impaired loans to the firms controlled by Khotin.

Moreover, currently investigators continue to investigate the circumstances of embezzlement of more than 267 billion rubles ($3.6 billion) from the bank by Khotin and accomplices.

In October 2018, the Moscow Commercial Court declared Yugra bankrupt.