MOSCOW, March 3 (RAPSI) — Russian President Vladimir Putin urged, in accordance with the law, to respond to the involvement of minors in illegal unauthorized street actions addressing an expanded meeting of the collegium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Wednesday.

Putin noted that the Interior Ministry acting together with other agencies needs to monitor the Internet, to more actively identify those who involve minors in illegal actions on the web. The fact that minors are being drawn into illegal unauthorized street actions is a violation of the law, and in accordance with the law, it is imperative to respond to this, the President noted.

Unfortunately, it is a know fact what the Internet is and how it is used to promote completely unacceptable content: to distribute child pornography, prostitution, to drive minors to suicide, Putin observed. But whoever, under any pretext, under any “sauce”, tried to use children in cold blood to achieve their own selfish “ferret” goals, we must never forget that these are our children, and we need to work so as not to create additional threats to their lives and health, the President pointed out.

The head of state also noted that every fourth crime committed by teenagers is a grave and especially grave crime, what is an alarming signal for absolutely everyone, for the whole society. It is necessary to pay special attention to this, Putin stressed.

The President also reminded that on February 1, a law came into force, according to which owners, providers of social networks and other websites are obliged to identify and block content prohibited by law on their own, and that respective fines had been introduced for failure to comply with these requirements.

So, it is important to ensure efficient law enforcement practice, clearly dividing the free exchange of information and the dissemination of materials destructive for society, the head of state concluded.