MOSCOW, January 19 (RAPSI) – Driver Vitaly Solovchuk suffered in the incident involving football players Pavel Mamayev and Alexander Kokor has increased his damage claim as to reimbursement of expenses spent for his medical treatment, Mamayev’s lawyer Igor Bushmanov has told RAPSI.

The claimant demands 120,000 rubles ($1,600) from the defendants jointly. Previously, he sought for 42,000 rubles for his treatment, according to the attorney.

Solovchuk also seeks to recover 250,000 rubles ($3,400) in compensation for moral harm from Mamayev, Kokorin, his brother and coach Alexander Protasovitsky each.

The next hearing is set for February 9.

In August 2020, the court closed proceedings on a damage claim filed by TV host Olga Ushakova against the football players over her broken car. The case was dismissed as the plaintiff had relinquished her action. One of the defendants, Mamayev, made amends to the aggrieved person. In May, Mamayev’s attorney Igor Bushmanov told RAPSI that his client had paid over 320,000 rubles ($4,300) in compensation to TV journalist Olga Ushakova. After reading the claim of the TV host, Mamayev decided to solely compensate the demanded sum of money, the lawyer said.

The four men were arrested on October 11, 2018, and charged with hooliganism, battery and intended bodily injury. The defendants initiated two fights in central Moscow in the early morning of that day. According to the police, Vitaly Solovchuk, the driver of Ushakova, received a nose fracture during the first incident on a street in central Moscow. Two hours later, Ministry of industry and trade official Denis Pak and CEO of the Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute Sergey Gaysin were assaulted by the footballers in a coffee bar and had to undergo medical treatment, the police stated. Pak reportedly sustained a concussion. The café’s video records showed one of the sportsmen beating up Pak with chair.

In May 2019, Kokorin and Mamayev were sentenced to 18 and 17 months in penal colony respectively. Kokorin’s younger brother Kirill and children’s football coach Alexander Protasovitsky received 18 and 17 months in penal colony respectively as requested by the prosecution. The men were found guilty of intended infliction of minor harm to health from molester motives. However, Kokorin’s younger brother was acquitted of beating CEO of the Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute Sergey Gaysin. In September 2019, Kokorin, his brother and Mamayev were granted parole and released from prison.