MOSCOW, January 18 (RAPSI) – It is feasible to initiate the formation in Russia of a legal platform enabling the establishment of foundations aimed at support of victims of crimes and compensation of their damages, Rights Commissioner Tatiana Moskalkova believes.

The time is ripe for the move, which has already been implemented in the framework of state programs in many foreign countries, the Ombudsman’s issue paper reads.

Moskalkova notes that in Russia there has already been in existence practices of compensating damages of and aiding the victims of calamities, technological disasters, plane crashes and so on.

The Ombudsman believes these practices are to be taken into account when developing the legal foundations for the proposed measure and amending the current legislation in order to strengthen legal guarantees ensuring that the rights of victims of crimes are safeguarded; it would be also feasible to continue a discussion of a bill presented by the Investigative Committee in 2012 as to additional state guarantees for victims of crimes, she observes.

According to the paper, the Ombudsman Office received 2,187 complaints concerning violations of rights of victims of crimes in the first nine months of 2020.