MOSCOW, December 29 (RAPSI) – Cassation courts of general jurisdiction examined over 255,000 appeals across all categories of cases in 2020, Chairman of Russia’s Supreme Court Vyacheslav Lebedev stated on Tuesday.

This year, according to Lebedev, the number of cassation appeals complied with under civil procedures increased from 4% to 13%; as to administrative proceedings, the respective figures changed from 3% to 16%; and from 8% to 12% as to the criminal process.

On Tuesday, an inauguration of the Eighth Cassation Court of General Jurisdiction in the town of Kemerovo took place. The Supreme Court Chairman noted that the new building was to improve the conditions of judicial protection of rights and lawful interests of citizens and organizations, and that it was a great New Year’s present to the state, the nation, and the system of justice.