MOSCOW, December 17 (RAPSI) – Investigation into lawyer Alexander Vershinin defending several defendants in notorious cases has been completed, his attorney Alexey Kirsanov has told RAPSI.

The defendant and his defense are reading case papers. According to the corrected indictment, Vershinin is charged with promise or proposal for bribery mediation, Kirsanov has stated.

Vershinin earlier pleaded partially guilty. Investigators believe the lawyer attempted to take money from his client promising to drop a criminal case against the latter.

The arrested attorney represented the interests of ex-Minister for Open Government affairs Mikhail Abyzov charged with the 4 billion-ruble ($64 million) embezzlement, defended alleged crime boss Oleg Medvedev, known as Oleg Shishkanov, bankers Alexey and Dmitry Ananyev. He also was a defense lawyer for convicted ex-top investigator Mikhail Maksimenko.

Vershinin also defended ex-minister Alexey Ulyukayev during his arrest and represented the interests of ex-policeman Denis Yevsyukov sentenced to life for mass murder.